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Noreen Ireland

Noreen representing Ireland Masters in Hockey Home Nations Tournament

Good luck to our physiotherapist Noreen Dockery who will be representing Ireland this weekend in the Home Nations Tournament hosted at Grange Road. The tournament will be full of internationals and World Cup winning players from Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales as they head to Dublin to compete for the title of Home Nations Champions.

We are very proud to see Noreen has been appointed vice-captain of the Irish Masters team. I know she won’t enjoy all the publicity that goes with this, but we wanted to wish her luck on behalf of the clinic. After this weekend the Irish Masters will then head to the Netherlands for the European Nations Tournament.

Well done Noreen, and best of luck

Noreen Ireland

E-M Darcy

Milltown Physiotherapy and Professional Development Session on Saturday

Here in Milltown Physiotherapy we are keen to continue to grow as physiotherapists as part of our continuing development. We were delighted to host Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists professional advisor Esther-Mary D’Arcy helping us with professional development and some great advice.

Everyone felt they got great benefit from the day session, even if it took us about fifteen pictures to make sure everyone had their eyes open!
Thanks very much to Esther-Mary for coming up all the way from Galway to Milltown Physiotherapy on Saturday morning.

Paralympics Rio 2016 – Ireland’s gold medal chances

The Paralympics are starting two weeks today – Wednesday the 7th of September.

Check out Channel Four’s incredible trailer for the games. Unfortunately there are major budget cuts ahead of the games with downsizing of Rio 2016 workforce, reduced transport services for athletes and closure of some media centres. So please help spread the word!

I’m really looking forward to seeing Michael McKillop in the 800m and 1500m, Noelle Lenihan the world record holder in the discus and Jason Smyth in the 100m – the Usain Bolt of the Paralympics.

Exercising as you age – reduce falls risk and improve independence!

Muscle maintain

A great picture showing the difference between someone who exercises regularly and a sedentary person.

Research has shown that by staying active and exercising as you get older you can maintain muscle mass.

As you age, exercise helps protects your bones, joints and muscles. It also reduces risk of falling, increases independence. Studies have also found it can boost memory and help prevent dementia.

If you are unsure as to how you can begin an exercise program, there are a lot of gyms that provide pay as you go service that can advise you.

Also if you are a bit older and feeling apprehensive about exercise. Older In Ireland is a good organisation that helps people become more active.

As ever if you haven’t exercised for some time and you have health concerns, you may want to talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine


Milltown Physio at the Twilight Team Challenge

We had a great evening running with over 500 people in the Twilight Team Challenge in aid of the Ross Nugent Foundation.

In a high quality field Fionnuala, Helen, Frank and Niamh raced for Milltown and came in a creditable 6th place out of over 50 teams with an average time of 22 minutes 9 seconds.

Well done to all involved. I must say it was great to see some former patients out there too!


Mo Farah


Research shows strengthening can reduce injuries by nearly 50%

Now only 2 months to go until the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon we take another look at running injury and research.

A review in the British Journal of Sports medicine in October 2013 examined all the research regarding injury prevention in sports. Over 25,000 runners with 3464 injuries were analysed, looking specifically at the effects stretching, strengthening and balance exercises have on reducing injury.

The most interesting finding was that strengthening exercises could reduce overuse injuries – which marathon runners are most aware of – by nearly 50%.

It didn’t find any noticeable effect for stretching, but balance and proprioception exercises were beneficial on reducing injuries occuring.

Reduce your injury risk & improve your efficiency in cycling

cycling muscles used


A lot of our patients are currently training for the Wicklow 100/200, Tour de Conomara, Ring of Kerry and even a Malin head to Mizen head cycle.  Hopefully this will be of interest and help make it a little easier on you!

A great informative piece from Cycling Weekly on improving cycling efficiency and reducing injury risk.

Research has shown that strength training – particularly in middle aged or masters cyclists – has a significant reduction in injury risk and improvement in cycling efficiency.