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Physiotherapy for Prolapse

Prolapse can mean descent of the:

  • Uterus.
  • Front wall of the vagina and the bladder (cystocele).
  • Urethra (urethrocele).
  • Back wall of the vagina and the rectum (rectocele).
  • Upper vaginal support to bowel (enterocele).
  • Rectum (rectal prolapse).

Prolapse is caused by lack of support from the passive ligamentous and fascial structures attached to the organs. This can be as a result of childbirth or sometimes happens with chronic constipation. A smaller number of people can even have descent with no reason at all.

Physiotherapy can be effective in building up the support of the pelvic floor muscles, these muscles act as a hammock or shelf for the organs to rest on.

The aim of treatment is to maximize the action of the muscles, to achieve a better level of comfort and reduce awareness of the prolapse. This is achieved through targeted muscle rehabilitation, a home exercise program, lifestyle and postural changes as well as general advice to optimise improvement.