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Runners attempt to run on treadmill at world record pace

A treadmill has been doing the rounds at various major World Marathon Races following Kipchoge’s World Record time of 2:01:39.  A nice test to see how long you could run at his speed (13 mph/21 kmph) before falling off the treadmill. Watch the video here courtesy of Runners World. To put his record into context […]

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What is the best exercise for back pain?

A really brilliant blog for physiotherapists and patients alike on what the evidence tells us is the best exercise for back pain by Ben Cormack at Cor Kinetic. https://cor-kinetic.com/what-does-the-evidence-tell-us-is-the-best-exercise-for-back-pain/ A few conclusions include that no one exercise is better than the other and it is better to find an exercise that people enjoy and is […]

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