Pelvic Partnership

Did you know that 43% of women with pelvic pain and immobility said they felt their symptoms were never taken seriously?

Every woman with pelvic girdle pain has a right to be assessed and treated. We were delighted to link up with Pelvic Partnership to help spread the word that #PGPistreatable and help to #getamummoving.

If you would like to know more about the Pelvic Partnership then please visit here to see further resources available to you on Pelvic pain

Have a look here to see our practice partner Maeve Whelan in this helpful video
 – Brightening the outlook in Overactive Bladder

Maeve recently did a series of videos with Astellas for their new website Here are some exercises for the pelvic floor and tips and tricks to control overactive bladder.

Your Pelvic Floor – The Anatomy

Managing Your Urge – Tips & advice


Pelvic Floor Exercises for OAB

Managing Your Urge – Sitting & Standing



EVB Sports Shorts

Yvonne Brady from the increasingly popular EVB Sport Shorts interviewed Maeve Whelan. Maeve describes how they help and why women who exercise should definitely wear them!




Irish Times

Podcast January 4th 2016
Maeve was delighted to be part of this Irish Times Women’s Podcast “The Sex Episode – Embracing Sex, Comon Problems, Masturbation”



Women’s Health

Maebh Coyle’s article, Irish Independent 12th Dec 2011

Incontinence after childbirth: How to get your quality of life back


Interview from The Morning Show Feb 17th 2010: Chartered Physiotherapist Maeve Whelan and GP Barbara Kearns talk about bladder control and the pelvic floor.

 Watch the interview


Watch the video where our practice partner Maeve Whelan talks about on what to expect from Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy treatment:

Maeve Whelan video: Pelvic Girdle Pain