Irish Times

Podcast January 4th 2016
Maeve was delighted to be part of this Irish Times Women’s Podcast “The Sex Episode – Embracing Sex, Comon Problems, Masturbation”

Maeve recently did a series of videos with Astellas for their new website Here are some exercises for the pelvic floor and tips and tricks to control overactive bladder.

Your Pelvic Floor – The Anatomy

Managing Your Urge – Tips & advice


Pelvic Floor Exercises for OAB

Managing Your Urge – Sitting & Standing



EVB Sports Shorts

Yvonne Brady from the increasingly popular EVB Sport Shorts interviewed Maeve Whelan. Maeve describes how they help and why women who exercise should definitely wear them! recently ran an on line feature on overactive bladder and the role of physiotherapy and Maeve Whelan wrote on the role of physiotherapy and the pelvic floor muscles.