At Milltown Physiotherapy we have classes to suit everyone:

  • Small classes.
  • Given by Chartered Physiotherapists who can give attention to adapting to the individuals needs as necessary.
  • Individual assessments by physiotherapists, before you start the classes, to ensure correct technique and highlight areas to focus on.


Functional Mobility

Functional Mobility

Specifically designed for the active seniors in our community.

The focus is on improving balance, strength, coordination, functional mobility and confidence.

60 minute class




We offer different levels of Pilates classes. We will help you to find out which one suits you better.

  • Beginners: Pilates Beginners is for those with little or no Pilates experience, with a history of spinal or postural problems and needing supervision following a course of treatment
  • Intermediate and Advanced:Pilates Intermediate and Advanced is for those who have done a number of Pilates courses, are experienced and are keen to continue learning and become stronger according to the principles of Pilates. These classes can be challenging.

60 minute class


Ante Post Natal Pilates

Ante Natal and Post Natal Pilates

Ante and post natal Pilates classes are for women from 16 weeks pregnant and from 6-8 weeks post natal. Women can enjoy Pilates in comfort and safety, knowing they are exercising correctly under the care of a Chartered Physiotherapist with experience in Women’s Health.

60 minute class





Yoga is a form of physical exercise that will have positive effects calming the body and mind, as well as alleviating stress and leaving you more relaxed and energised.

45 minute class





All our classes can be booked:

ONLINE (Opened for some of our classes)

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