Small classes have been suspended due to COVID. We provide individual Pilates sessions with physiotherapists for spinal / joint rehabilitation as well as for any ante and postnatal care. The physiotherapists who are taking these sessions are highly experienced and specialised.




With Pilates exercise you learn to:

  • Increase your body awareness.
  • Become familiar with good and bad spinal posture.
  • Breathe correctly.
  • Isolate and use deep abdominal muscles to support the spine.
  • Target key postural muscles as you learn to train the muscles from the inside out.
  • Correct pelvic floor activation.

Pilates Benefits

Core stability and strength.

Injury prevention.

Relief from spinal pain.

Improved posture.

Better balance and coordination.

Effective rehabilitation following acute episodes of spinal pain.

Heightened mind body awareness.



Our classes are limited to a small number – 6 to 8 per class. We provide individual assessments by physiotherapists before you start your course to ensure correct technique and highlight special areas that you need to focus on.


All of the exercises are gentle and suitable for people who have back pain or joint problems. Our Modified Pilates Classes are taught by physiotherapists with appropriate Pilates qualifications.


We offer 3 different levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. We will help you to find out which one suits you better.


Are you pregnant? Have just given birth?

All ante and post natal Pilates classes are led by Chartered Physiotherapists who are experienced in the rehabilitation of women’s health conditions .

Ante/Post Natal Pilates
Ante/Post Natal Pilates





Small number – 6 to 8 per class

Individual physio assessments before course starts

  3 Levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced



  60 minutes.



Classes temporarily suspended due to COVID.