World Physiotherapy Day – September 8th

The campaign for World Physiotherapy Day 2019 is focussed around the theme of chronic pain and the role that physiotherapy and physical activity can have in helping people manage chronic pain.

The campaign is focused around the following key messages about the benefits of using exercise to manage chronic pain to:

  • maintain flexibility and movement
  • improve cardiovascular health
  • build and keep muscle tone
  • improve mood and general wellbeing
  • help control pain
  • increase confidence to take part in activities
  • take back control of your life and reduce your fear


Do Schoolbags Cause Back Pain in Children and Adolescents?

The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a systematic review* last year on whether schoolbag use is a risk factor for back pain in children and adolescents. This is often cited as a cause of back pain in children but the findings of the research may come as a surprise.

They found that there is no convincing evidence that aspects of schoolbag use increase the risk of back pain in children and adolescents.

The article is free to read on BJSM here https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/52/19/1241


*A systematic review – is basically a summary of the results of available carefully designed healthcare research studies (controlled trials) which provides a high level of evidence on the effectiveness of healthcare interventions

Noreen named Irish player of tournament as Ireland just miss out on semifinal

Massive congratulations to our super physio Noreen Dockery who captained Ireland In the Hockey Masters European Cup in Rotterdam. Over the tournament Noreen scored 3 goals, with 2 goals in her 60th match for Ireland .

Noreen was also named Ireland’s player of the tournament. Unfortunately Ireland lost out on goal difference to make it to the semifinals but were placed a highly impressive 5th overall.EA969BC7-296F-4421-B469-D903F7528A9C D023E196-DFC0-4AB3-9C9B-321C2F8FDDC2 AC94B0D2-8E33-4857-8CD9-5A061422D68A

Why do your knees crack?

Here in Milltown Physiotherapy we often get asked by patients, “Why does my knee crack?” “Should I be worried?

Crepitus is the name given to a clinical sign in medicine that is characterized by a peculiar crackling, crinkly, or grating feeling or sound under the skin, around the lungs, or in the joints.

Have a look at the attached video and learn more.