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Paediatric Physiotherapy at Milltown Physiotherapy

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1. Aisling, our paediatric physiotherapist here at Milltown has recently completed an intensive week’s training led by the world-renowned specialist physiotherapist in Neuro-Developmental Training (NDT) for children, Lois Bly. The training allowed Aisling to develop her skills in understanding the intricate, subtle components of typical and atypical movement development in babies, toddlers and older children, and recognise compensations and deviations from typical development. These deviations would commonly be displayed in conditions such as: • Co-ordination disorders • Hypermobility • Developmental Delay • Musculoskeletal complaints such as flat feet, in-toeing, hip dysplasia • Brain injuryChildren with such issues can sometimes find themselves on long waiting lists for therapy assessments and treatment. Aisling is continually putting these skills into practice here at Milltown and is happy to liaise with parents who would be interested in their child having an assessment and treatment with her so that they can start to work immediately on these deviations at home, in school or in crèche to allow their child to reach their full potential. Aisling works Monday to Friday and her hours include pre and post-school times to help fit in with busy family schedules.

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