Occupational Health

Treatment of musculoskeletal disorders aggravated by work practices: pain in muscles, tendons, joints and/or nerves.



Work related musculoskeletal disorders are painful disorders of the muscles, tendons, joints and/or nerves. They are considered work related if they are caused by or aggravated by work practices. Work activities which are frequent, repetitive or which involve sustained or awkward postures can contribute to these problems.

Work related musculoskeletal disorders commonly affect areas such as the back, neck, arms and hands. Pain is often diffuse and poorly localised and symptoms such as pins and needles/numbness are not uncommon. These disorders can be difficult to define using traditional disease classifications and are often referred to as:

  • Repetitive strain/motion injury
  • Cumulative trauma disorders
  • Occupational overuse syndrome

These terms can sometimes be misleading as often it is the postures assumed during a task which is the problem and not the repetition.


Physiotherapists at Milltown Physiotherapy are specialised in the assessment and treatment of work related musculoskeletal disorders. They will assess your problem in detail in order to identify sources of pain and causes of dysfunction such as poor techniques and practices, postures, muscle imbalance etc.

A treatment plan can then be devised. Common treatment strategies include the use of manual therapy and exercise to alleviate your presenting problem, postural training and exercise to optimise your muscle balance, postures and working practices. At all times, you and your work place/practices will be considered so that rehabilitation will be progressed to incorporate your work practices and advice will be given on suitable adjustments for you to make. If a more in-depth analysis of your workplace is warranted we have links with a local occupational health service which can facilitate this.


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety www.ccohs.ca European Agency for Safety and Health at Work  www.osha.europa.eu  


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