Running Video Analysis

Here at Milltown Physiotherapy we now offer super slow motion running analysis and retraining.

The Running Clinic




Using latest technology – 120 frame per second video software and our treadmill in clinic we can analyse your running technique and break down the biomechanics that can reduce running related injuries.


This is different than a simple foot analysis where they are solely looking at the foot strike.

  1. Here we analyse the whole body and make simple changes and improve the efficiency of your run.
  2. We look at your torso, hips, knees and ankles and how they move and can contribute to overload injuries.


We first perform a physical assessment looking at the strength and mobility of your joints and muscles. We then get you on the treadmill for your video analysis. Giving you simple verbal cues we can alter and improve your running technique helping you overcome your injury.

  • An individualised home exercise strengthening and mobility program with videos is then created in order to aid in your rehab.
  • We examine any muscle imbalances, reduced strength or poor running technique that eventually can lead to these injuries when people are increasing the intensity or frequency of their running.





Frank Kenny specialises in sports and musculoskeletal injuries and post-op rehab and is the lead Sports Physiotherapist heading up the Running Clinic here in Milltown Physiotherapy.


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