Neuro Oncology Rehabilitation

Neuro Oncology Rehabilitation
 Growing research and clinical trends are in favour of oncological patients having supportive rehabilitation to promote enhancement of their power; endurance; balance; mobility; leisure pursuits and ultimately quality of life. Chartered Physiotherapists are clinicians who are very well placed clinically to provide such support for both children and adults affected by oncological conditions. Treatment would be very much dependent on a range of medical and therapeutic considerations as well as close consultation with both the individual and their medical physicians. 
Exercise should be ‘standard part of cancer care’
“All patients getting cancer treatment should be told to do two and a half hours of physical exercise every week”, says a report by Macmillan Cancer Support. “It doesn’t need to be anything too strenuous, doing the gardening, going for a brisk walk or a swim, all count.” Read more about it:  Exercise should be ‘standard part of cancer care’ Therapist correcting woman in fitness class Senior woman practising yoga while standing against clear sky She'll get him fighting fit  


Una Cusack has special interest and experience treating Neurological patients.


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