Sports Injuries

Treatment of pulled hamstrings, calf muscles, sprained ankle ligaments, knee pain, achilles pain, tennis elbow, wrist and more.



Some of the common sporting injuries treated at Milltown Physiotherapy are:

Ankle Injury
Calf Injuries
Knee Injury


Sports Physiotherapy

At Milltown Physiotherapy we have worked with everyone from the international elite athlete to the recreational runner. We take part ourselves in a wide variety of sports from hill walking to triathlons and gaelic football to hockey. We know the frustration that injury brings and also what it takes in order to return to activity. We understand the importance of finding the right people to treat your injury, and with our wealth of experience you know you are in safe hands at Milltown Physiotherapy (optional “see our testimonial page” ).

When injury occurs, the first few days are vital to minimise your injury time.

PRICE (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) within the first 48 hours of injury.
Early assessment and treatment is advised to limit further injury and accelerate healing.
Biomechanical assessment to ensure that other potential causes of the problem are identified.
Here at Milltown Physiotherapy we have a scientifically based running analysis program that can help to identify any biomechanical inefficiencies in your running style, that may cause injury problems and reduced performance.

Specialised physiotherapy in sport helps towards:

Optimum regeneration of new tissue using massage and joint mobilisation techniques.
Restoration of full mobility, strength and function specific to the sport.
Return to sporting fitness through individualised exercise programs with videos attached.
Supplying and fitting of braces or supports that may be required.


We also provide functional movement screening for athletes which highlights injury risks and reduced performance indicators. An individually tailored prehab strengthening program is given to each athlete to reduce injury risk and increase performance.