Cancer Rehabilitation

Milltown Physiotherapy is providing a comprehensive cancer rehabilitation service for women undergoing treatment for breast and gynaecological cancers.

Cancer Rehabilitation


Physiotherapy evaluation for Breast Cancer / Gynecological Cancer

Services provided include physiotherapy for cancer rehab, lymphedema and return to sports.

1. Prospective Surveillance Model of Care (PSM)

Pre-op assessment, early post op assessment and scheduled monitoring for early identification and physiotherapy of the common cancer treatment sequelae.

2. Manual therapy for

Cording/Axillary web syndrome.
Adherent scars.
Radiation fibrosis.

3. Secondary lymphoedema care for

 Prevention – measure and fit the BSN “Bella Lite” compression garment.
 Management – Complete Decongestive Therapy, with multilayer bandaging, MLD, exercise and custom made compression garments.

4. Therapeutic Exercise for

Shoulder mobility (Breast Care).
Pelvic mobility.
 Strong Pink Women Pilates classes.
 35 mins of moderate level physical activity daily.
 Return to sports.

5. Patient education

 Cellulitis prevention and management.
 Lymphedema risk reduction practices.
 Flying and holidays after cancer treatment.
 Meticulous skin care.
 Self MLD.


Certified in Strong Pink Women Programme

Tara Murtagh

Steaphanie Crossland


Cancer Rehab & Lymphedema Program Advisor
 Siobhan O’Reilly Bracken


(01) 296 0603